When it comes to pool plastering and cooldecking, you will be surprised to know that there are only a couple of companies who do this regularly and correctly in El Paso. There are many who say they do it but it is more amateur hour in terms of know how, equipment, and finished results.

Our 1994 pool installed by Southwest Pools (then the top pool company in town) had cool decking and plaster by AC Cynmar, subcontracting to SW Pools. Both jobs were excellent - the plaster was replaced in 2013, which is a life span of about twice the normal life span of plaster. Our cool deck needed only minor chip repair done as a DYI using a kit from the cool deck manufacturer.

Our new plaster was done with mini-pebbles rather than straight plaster and we are happy with the choice. It added 50% to the cost for a total of $6500 but the result looks good and, from reading up on the mini pebbles, could have about a double lifetime as straight plaster. Other than appearance, one immediate benefit of mini pebbles is that the pool needs less chemicals for healthy balance- about 50% less.

Charlotte explained that their plaster removal process was gentler on the underlying concrete and so less likely to cause damage to the structure. And, that their application truck had the correct equipment to pressure pump the new plaster-pebble mix to the pool walls.

Last, they were good to work with, did what they committed to do and came in on time and on budget. The flatbed truck they use is about a 50 footer and literally has a "factory" built on the bed: mixer for the mini pebble recipe (to get the right color blend), mixer for the plaster underlayment, blender for the plaster and pebbles, pressure pumps for the mix. Big investment on their part.

Rick C.

A.C. Cyn-Mar Pool Plastering built our first pool 30 years ago..Albert and Charlotte did an out standing job !!! It was time to up date our rental house pool. I wanted new tile , new color to our deck, new plaster, and new up dated equipment. A whole new look.... They did just that !!!! We love the way the pool looks... It was a pleasure working with them again! I would recommend A. C Cyn- Mar Al and Charlotte Schmidt to everyone from a new pool to fixing up your old pool. They are the Best ! Nita

Oneta M.

At first I just wanted to go as cheap as possible. But Charlotte explain that I would be wasting my money and that the concrete was too old and needed to be replaced. She explain everything very well on the process from start to finish. She kept me informed on everything they came across and on the schedule. Her crew cleaned up daily. She or her husband where there every step of the way. They did an excellent job. My tile job is just beautiful my equipment never ran so well and the plaster is awesome! We went with a quartz finish and it is baby smooth..... I am so glad we follow her advise. They finish in a timely matter. Left my back yard in better shape than I had before. I would recommend them to everyone they are very knowledgeable all their crew spoke English she is the sweetest person I have ever worked with.

Description of Work: A.C.Cyn-Mar re-plumbed my swimming pool and spa. Remove and replace the pool deck, the tile and the plaster.

Andy F.